First kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ Project “All-Inclusive School”

On the 15th and 16th November, Irecoop Emilia Romagna hosted the Italian and foreign partners of the project “All-Inclusive School” (KA2 Strategic Partnership), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The event took place at the Cooperation Palace in Bologna. This first meeting among the project partners, was a unique opportunity to discover the work of the social cooperative Archilabò  from Bologna and of the State Technical Institute “Ignazio Calvi” from Finale Emilia (Italy), of the school cooperative Colegio Huerta Santa Ana from Seville (Spain), of the Landkreis Kassel from the Kassel District (Germany), of theCounty Centre of Resources and Educational Assistence from Vaslui County(Romania) and of the University Leuven-Limburg of Leuven (Belgium).

Pierlorenzo Rossi, President of Irecoop Emilia-Romagna, greeted AIS partners and illustrated the features and good practices of the Emilia-Romagna cooperative system, which is particularly interesting as far as attention to social aspects is concerned. In the cooperative system in Emilia-Romagna, coop enterprises are daily committed in social inclusion work towards those people with more difficulties. The system itself allows in this way to develop competences and skills useful for the regional and European school system, by supplying teachers and educators of appropriate tools in order to foster school inclusion and special educational support.

Morena Manni e Margherita dalla Casa, respectively R&D Chief and International Projects Officer in Irecoop Emilia-Romagna, illustrated in detail what “All-Inclusive School” is: a social innovation project, finalized to the development of didactic tools supporting teachers and educators in their work in class. These tools will help fostering an inclusive and digital didactic, capable of increasing the integration of students with special needs (in particular those with cognitive disability) within the class room.

The meeting was an important occasion to define the work guidelines within the partnership, the communication and dissemination plan and, eventually, to indicate the next steps related to the development and the creation of the AIS output.

Particularly, the AIS partnership will work in the next two years to the creation of the following outputs:

  • ALL-IN IDENTIKIT: A research to develop an identikit of the inclusive European teacher. The research work will be coordinated by the University Leuven-Limburg of Leuven, scientific partner capable of developing methodological inputs useful for the definition of a comparative and qualitative search;
  • ALL-IN TEACHER KIT: a practical guide focusing on the use of didactic cooperative and inclusive strategies and on the tools supporting the inclusive teacher/educator. The project coordinator Irecoop Emilia-Romagna will lead the works related to the guide;
  • ALL-IN SOCIAL BOOK CREATOR: a free web app for the cooperative creation of open, inclusive and accessible Social Books. The app will be developed thanks to the technical competencies of the cooperative Archilabò, specialized in the development of digital, inclusive and open source technologies.  

A wide network of national and international stakeholders will contribute to the diffusion and the dissemination of the output results all over Europe: