Second transnational project meeting of the Erasmus+ project “All-Inclusive School”

On the 7th and 8th March 2019, the Vaslui County School Inspectorate and the County Centre of Resources and Educational Assistence, hosted the Italian and foreign partners of the Eramus+ project “All-Inclusive School” in the lovely city of Valsui, in the county of Vaslui, Romania.

The event took place at the CJRAE, where all the project partners gathered in order to continue the work on the All-Inclusive School intellectual outputs: Irecoop Emilia-Romagna, Archilabò, the State Technical Institute “Ignazio Calvi” (Italy), the Colegio Huerta Santa Ana  (Spain), the Landkreis Kassel  (Germany), theCounty Centre of Resources and Educational Assistence  and the Vaslui County School Inspectorate  (Romania) and the University College Leuven-Limburg of Leuven – UCLL (Belgium).

Deputy School General Inspector, prof. Ana Cristiana Botan and CJRAE Director, prof. Daniela Laic, welcomed all the guests and opened the floor, illustrating also how the school system works in Romania. After an update by the project coordinator Irecoop Emilia-Romagna on the project progres, the work on intellectual output started!

UCLL, coordinator of the works on ALL-IN IDENTIKIT presented the results of the Desk Research carried out among the partners of the different countries. The Desk Research consists in a preliminary work for the definition of ALL-IN IDENTIKIT – research to develop an identikit of the inclusive European teacher – which will be integrated by a further document, the “Targeted Research”, addressed to teachers in secondary schools, across the different countries.  The whole partnership later discussed on new strategical approaches to include as many teachers as possible, in order to ensure a full visibility of the project at local and international level.

After working on the first intellectual output, the focus moved to the second one: ALL-IN TEACHER KIT, a practical guide focusing on the use of didactic cooperative and inclusive strategies and on the tools supporting inclusive teachers/educators. Irecoop Emilia-Romagna coordinated the works on the teacher kit and updated all partners with new ideas and inputs, following the results of the Desk Research.  Several ideas came up in order to structure the guide as much practical and useful as possible: our teacher kit will be focusing on different methodologies and exercises that will be adapted and used according to the different situations in class.

The afternoon continued with the works of ALL-IN SOCIAL BOOK CREATOR, a free web app for the cooperative creation of open, inclusive and accessible Social Books. The app will be developed thanks to the technical competencies of the cooperative Archilabò, that during the meeting in Vaslui reported some updates following some competitors analysis carried out across different countries. The app will be developed according to the results emerged from the first two outputs and will be a methodology capable of fostering cooperation in classes besides being transversal to several subjects.

Moreover, the meeting was an important occasion to define across the partnership the next steps on involving schools also around the use of eTwinning and other European dissemination tools. Finally, Irecoop Emilia-Romagna, responsible for the creation of a website dedicated to the project, presented the first draft of the website…. Are you curious to take a look at it? Don’t worry, the website will be released in the next months… Stay tuned!

All-Inclusive School is a project (KA2 Strategic Partnership), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.