Fourth transnational project meeting of the Erasmus+ Project “All-Inclusive School”

Keep on Rocking for an All Inclusive School!

On the 5th and 6th March 2020, Colegio Huerta Santa, hosted the 4th meeting of the Eramus+ project “All-Inclusive School” in the city of Seville, in Spain.

The event took place at Huerta Santa Ana School, where all the project partners gathered in order to continue the work on the All-Inclusive School intellectual outputs: Irecoop Emilia-Romagna, Archilabò, the State Technical Institute “Ignazio Calvi” (Italy), the Colegio Huerta Santa Ana  (Spain), the Landkreis Kassel  (Germany), theCounty Centre of Resources and Educational Assistence  and the Vaslui County School Inspectorate (Romania) and the University College Leuven-Limburg of Leuven – UCLL (Belgium).

Due to the circumstances, Covid-19, there were some partners who participated online (IS Calvi”, Irecoop Emilia-Romagna, Archilabò, the Landkreis Kassel and Vaslui County School Inspectorate) but the rest could attend the meeting in Sevilla (University College Leuven-Limburg of Leuven, County Centre of Resources and Educational Assistance and Huerta Santa Ana).

Thus, our Italian coordinator welcomed us and the 4th Transnational Meeting started! Irecoop updated the project and started presenting the feedback and answers provided by the partners about the pre-testing of Output2 and Output3, which took place at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. We were revising and finalising those answers that were incomplete or just needed some details to be better understood. Irecoop also provided a new structure for the guide of methodologies, taking into account some values as age, teaching field, length among others.  We all agree that this change was really helpful for those who want to implement some of these structures and methodologies, to become All-Inclusive teachers.

After lunch we had the presentation of the feedbacks and answers, from the teachers, for the Output3. It answered to an analysis of the first version of Social Book Creator, whose revision by the teachers did not follow any guide. It was helpful to understand what teachers needed and which steps to take to improve a new version of the Social Book Creator platform. Archilabò showed us the new adjustments (colours, icons…) made on the platform and we were invited us to test this new version of the SBC.

It has been decided that there will be a second phase of testing In order to improve the results of the first testing of both outputs,. But this time piloted by the coordinator. In this second phase, each partner will focus on 5 activities (6 in the case of the Italians), and they will be tested at least 3 times. Finally, the teachers and the students will complete two different questionnaires in order to get a more accurate score. The same procedure will be applied to Output 3, but this time instead of 5 activities, there will be to complete 10 social books with the same purpose, to obtain the best feedback to improve the SBC.

About the diffusion and dissemination of the project we discussed how to get more followers on e-Twinning to make our project more significant.  The creation of a webinar will be another point of discussion in September when we will meet, in Germany, to share, among others, the update of this new second phase results.

Well, this time was a bit more complicated, Corona Virus didn’t help at all… but who said it was going to be easy?  Well, it’s a long way to the top…

Do you wanna keep on Rocking with us? Stay tuned!

All-Inclusive School is a project (KA2 Strategic Partnership), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.