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All-In Identikit


ALL-IN IDENTIKIT is a research-analysis for the development of the skills and practices defined in the “Profile of Inclusive Teachers” (EASNIE 2012), with focus on digital skills and innovative methodologies. Our comparative analysis is conducted in the EU Countries involved in the project (Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Romania) for the development of the European Inclusive Teacher’s Identikit through the mapping of:


  • Competences
  • Practices and innovative methodologies
  • Digital Skill

ALL-IN IDENTIKIT is a research conducted by the University of Leuven-Limburg, in partnership with all partners of All-Inclusive School and including data supplied by the teachers of our network of schools involved in the project.

Who can benefit from using ALL-IN IDENTIKIT?

Teachers, Trainers, Educators, Tutors and all the professional figures supporting or having in class students with mild cognitive disabilities in secondary school and who aim at becoming a European Inclusive Teacher!



To document specific digital skills included in teacher training programs and in key programs enabling teachers to adapt to the technological needs of an inclusive learning environment


To analyse teaching strategies, pedagogical guidelines and innovative teaching methods to promote inclusion in schools, with particular attention to cooperative approaches and technological support for the inclusion of students with mild cognitive disabilities.

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All-in Identikit is released under a Creative Commons License: this means it is free to use, share and download.

Here you can find the Integral Report of 01 in English, but the detailed summary of
ALL-IN IDENTIKIT is available in six European languages, try it now!

 The project All-Inclusive School was approved in the summer of 2018 and officially started in October 2018: all the project partners are currently researching and working on our materials, and will develop them throughout the next two years. Thus, have just a little bit of patience: at the end of December 2020 all our materials will be ready to use and share! You will find all of them uploaded here in our website, which is our official channel of communication.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
(KA2 – Strategic Partnerships Supporting Innovation).

ALL-IN IDENTIKIT is a material propaedeutic to the use of ALL-IN TEACHER KIT and ALL-IN SOCIAL BOOK CREATOR.

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